Our Little Monkey!

Our Little Monkey!

Our Sweet Pea!!

Our Sweet Pea!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And then we had 2!!!

(I'm just going to post this and edit it and post pics in a few days... I want to get this on my blog!!)
So here we are!
I'm finally blogging Peyton's birth story!
Lucky for you, one night in the hospital, I wrote it down on my memos in my phone!!
So I didn't forget much!!

Lets begin!
Its really nothing too exciting, Addi's was much more "exciting".
Honestly, this is mostly for me and Peyton.
I still don't keep a journal, so this is the next best thing....

It all started the night of
I had stayed at my parent's house for the week prior.
Russ wasn't home and if Pey decided to come the same way Addi did
I needed someone close by to watch Adds and someone to take me to the hospital.

My little brother and I got into a heated argument.
Details don't need to be shared,
but I was pretty darn upset.
He left and my contractions started.
(My little brother and Russ are the only ones who knew about this part)
 I laid in bed with Addi and just tried to pretend they hadn't started.
About 2 hours later I was able to fall asleep and they stopped.

Russ was on his way, I had to last just 14 hours more.
(Imagining labor without him terrified me, and had me worried for months)

The contractions kicked up again as soon as my day started.
It was nothing major, mostly just annoying,
The contractions got closer as Russ got home from Williston.

5:00 I walked Sundance with G and Addi.
It was pretty darn uncomfortable.
I'm tellin ya, this works!!
Contractions (still minor and annoying) continued until midnight
then just stopped...

With Russ now home I was perfectly ok with her coming ANY TIME.
Infact I REALLY didn't want to be induced.
At first it almost wasn't an option (I wasn't progressing AT ALL)
But I was torn, I didn't want an induction, yet I wanted Russ to have as much time as he could with Peyton.

11:50 I had a Dr Appt with Christy (This lady is awesome!!)
She stripped my membranes and informed me I WOULD infact be induced the following day.

2:00 I had a pregnancy massage.
Ok it was more an induction massage.
Nothing really to be enjoyed.
And I must say, having a massage at 40 weeks pregnant is just WEIRD!
Uncomfortable, and you just don't feel right laying on your stomach.
Anyway, she did an awsome job at rubbing my feet in just the right spot.
Cause at 3:30 (litterally as I got into the truck)
SERIOUS contractions started.
There was NO question that these were the real deal.
Add Russ' SOMETIMES.... crazy driving.
I was really kicking this labor stuff into high gear.

5:30 The 3 of us went and had our "last dinner as 3" at Wingers.
I was REALLY uncomfortable.
I never told Russ HOW uncomfortable in fear he would panic.
So I just kept to myself.
Contractions were averaging 7 minutes apart at this point.

As we walked the mall, they continued to pick up.

*Can I just tell you, monitoring contractions is crazy!!
With Addi my water broke. I didn't even have to pay attention to them!
Thank HEAVENS for awesome phones with Apps to do it for you!!
I have an e-mail log with every contraction, when it started, how long it lasted, and the average between each. SOO cool to have that! I was worried I wouldn't know HOW to tell, then as soon as they started.... I remembered. Oh how I remembered. :) *

Since they were getting so close and really uncomfortable I told Russ we needed to head home.
We watched Lion King with Addi.
They just kept getting closer and closer, but I wanted to finish the movie with my monkey.
So I made myself last.
Contractions at this point were Averaging 5 minutes.
I knew it was time.

So we headed to G's to drop Addi off.

9:00-9:30 I put Addi to bed. Ok I more or less cried holding her.
That was TOUGH!
She was my little PERSON!!
And I knew I wouldn't get to spend AS MUCH time from then on with HER!
I showered and we headed to the hospital!!

As soon as we got to the hospital the contractions were SOO bad I couldn't walk thru them.
So I had to wait by the truck for a minute to let one pass.
We walked thru the doors at exactly 10:00.
Contractions were 4 minutes apart.
(Lasting longer then a minute)

**I had called earlier to make sure I was set for the induction the following day and informed the nurse of my contractions. She THOUGHT I may not make it in until they called. She was there and I joked with her that this baby wasn't going to wait for her to call me. :) **

Then came in Melody.
I seriously want her in the delivery room with me from here on!
She checked me and I was at a 2.
They said they needed to evaluate me for an hour to see if I progress anymore, otherwise they may send me home.
I knew I would not be going home.
These puppies were PAINFUL and too close together.

After the hour eval she came in and checked me. (11:30)
I was still at a 2 but she informed me that with every contraction Peyton's heatbeat would drop, so they had to keep me.

12:30 I got the epidural
The Nurse Anesthetist was the BEST!!
I told him my horror story about my first L&D
He PROMISED ME he would be better and he was SO RIGHT!
It only hurt for a second when the needle turned a little, but he kept me in the loop the whole time.

***We had told him I gone thru 3- COUNT THEM 3- bottles of the epidural and he had no idea HOW!
He said in his career he only ever added ONE bottle to a woman. And she didn't use hardly any of the second one...
I have NO idea where the 3 bottles went. Remeber... It didn't work... At all...***

Its HEAVEN when the epidral ACTUALLY works.
and let me tell you... I was NUMB!!

Then it was the waiting game.

My mom got there
(Addi woke up the second she walked out the door
Kudos to my dad for trying to keep her calm and get her back to bed!!)

Russ and my mom took naps.
I tried... I really did.
But there is something about labor that you just CANT.
As much as you want to or try to.

1:00- I was at a 4.
around 1:30 I head this loud POP! on the monitor.
I thought it might have been my water. I was right! :)
We were in high gear now!

2:00- I was at a 6.

3:00- I was COMPLETE!

Melody came in right before 3 and told me about how the nurses had all bet on if I was complete or not.
She said that I would be.
I was SO happy she was right!
I was ready to meet this baby girl!
(Still not one SECOND of pain- beyond my shoulder buggin me a little)

I then had to wait 30 minutes for Dr. Thrope to get there.
(Love that man!)

3:25- Getting a little uncomfortable and not sure I'd make it past 3:30

3:30- She came in and said about 5 minutes more...
I had already been watching the clock knowing I DIDN'T have that much time.
She walked out and there he was!!

3:35- We are set and ready or not!!

3:40- One push. She was posterior.
Darn my girls and making things difficult. :)
He flipped her

3:42- Second push. The cord was around her shoulder, he moved it and pulled her out at 3:43!!

Amazing compared to #1!!

Weighing 7 LBS 5 OZ
20 & 1/2 IN Long

TONS of hair
Super cute and SOO mellow!!

We love her LOTS and are BEYOND happy to have her in our family!!

We LOVED the nursing staff, and were treated SO well the remained of the hospital stay.
My final nurse was Laurie, she was AMAZING!!
I seriously want these woman with me from here on!

Not sure I can have my babies any where other then Timpanogos Regional!!

SOOO HAPPY with all they did for us.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pey's Blessing

We blessed this little BEAUTY last night.
It was perfect, Russ did amazing as usual!
Thanks to all our loved ones who came!!

(Labor story DONE!- just need to upload pics)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


How is our BABY already 2 months old??

I can't believe we are already here!!
This is what Addi was doing at 2 months!

Sorry I have not posted the L&D Story.
I planned on this being the post about it, 
but our girls are a little under the weather so I need to focus on them.

(This was from our Christmas morning- MY LOVES)

Just a few things about Peyton.
She is SUPER alert.
She coos all the time.
Laughs a lot!
And is all around a WAY easy and HAPPY baby!!

 We have our 2 month appt next week.
I can't wait to see how big she has gotten!

We all ADORE HER!!
And she is getting SO BIG!!

How does time go by SO FAST??

And MAN is she a PRETTY GIRL!!

We LOVE our girls!!


Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Born October 30th at 3:43 AM.
Weighing 7 LBS 5 OZ
 And was 20.5 IN Long
 We are beyond thrilled that she made a safe arrival!!
  The labor and delivery was (easily) 1000 times better then the first time around!!
 We are so happy to have her sweet spirit in our home!!
 She is a WONDERFUL baby, and Addi REALLY loves her!!
I wanted this post to be a lot longer, 
BUT Addi keeps getting out of bed,
AND I cant seem to figure out how to upload more 
pictures from my phone.
So I'm going to have to end here.

 I hope to post a BUNCH more pictures, post the labor story, AND get updated!!
Love you all and hopefully we'll see you here SOON!!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Addi's 2 year pics

Hey there!!
Its been a while!

Baby P is almost here, so I need to get these posted!!
Looks like we will have #2 on the 30th or the 1st... Still deciding!
But we cant wait!!

So on to the 
Oh man... There are SO many GREAT ones!!
I had a REALLY hard time picking through them!!

Anyway, here they are!!

(Interested in having your perfect pics taken? Go here!! http://www.nickellphotography.com/)

See you here sooner then later!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alright alright.... I'll post

I have been SERIOUSLY dragging my feet when it comes to blogging lately.

We have had a FABULOUS summer and have much more fun ahead of us.
(Lake Powell BABY!!!!)

I wanted to post some pics of some of the fun things we have been up to.

I do have a reason for not posting a while ago, 
This pregnancy was rough in the beginning.
I had nausea for almost 20 weeks.
I was EXHAUSTED and never wanted to do anything.

Things are WONDERFUL now, 
and feeling this baby girl move all the time brings a smile to my face.
Russ finally got to feel her a few weeks ago.
Where he is gone all the time, 
he's missed a lot of changes this time
But he sure enjoys the things he experiences when hes home.

Addi is getting more excited to have a sister everyday!!

Anyway, enough chatting... Lets get to pics!!
We've had a LOT of Addi & Momma time!
Addi went on her first plane to Cali!! ( and LOVED IT!)

She went to the beach for the first time!! (and LOVED it!)

Addi's plane ride home

We went to the Zoo as a family! (and LOVED it)
More fun times as us girls!!

We've been boating a BUNCH and Adds LOVES it!!

But our best times are with Daddy!!

More fun Zoo time!!
(I can't figure out how to arrange pics, Blogger has changed a bunch)

These 2 are BEST buds!!
We try to get to our favorite restaurant as often as we can.
(Buffalo Wild Wings anyone??)

Shopping with Daddy!! Always a fun time!!

Family day at Trafalga (Daddy was at work though, we missed him)

Addi couldn't get enough of the rides!! (LOVED THEM!!)

All the kiddos and Jen (minus Kate Kate shes still too little)

Waiting at the airport for Daddy to land.... She was not excited or anything. :)

Addi LOVES helping Daddy work!!
When he is home, all she wants to do is be with him.
It melts my heart!!
I love how much they love each other!!

We've been swimming a bunch. One of Addi's FAVS!!!

Our Beauty after Church on Sunday!
Addi LOVES Church, Can I tell you??
She loves to play with the "tids" when mom goes to "cass"
When we play pretend and she's "Leaving" She wants to go to "Turch" , I love it!!
Im just glad shes happy to see me when I pick her up after Nursery!!

Duke has been doing this a LOT lately. He LOVES to lay on the baby and feel her kick!!
Now that I posted all these I realized I missed a BUNCH of GREAT pics.
So maybe toward this weekend I will get the urge to post again.... We will see...

Anyway, Hope you have enjoyed!!